The Bible is clear that God is creator and author of everything. Because he is the creator, God demands that we follow his instructions and honor him. God is loving, holy, and just. One day God will execute perfect justice against all sin and evil on earth.


Although mankind was created in the perfect image of God, all people have decided at one point in their life since the rebellion of Adam to defy God instead of honor him. Because of sin, God’s perfect creation on earth has been cursed.  

Failing to obey God’s commands and live according to his standards is sin. Because of sin, mankind has suffered greatly and is unable to have a close relationship to God. The Bible is clear that the required payment for sin is death. This death occurs literally both on earth and for eternity in hell. Although God is a loving and forgiving God, he is also perfectly just and holy. He cannot overlook sin. There must be a payment.


Since the rebellion of Adam in the Garden of Eden, God implemented a rescue plan that would allow all of mankind to be saved from their sins. This plan is called the gospel.

God loved mankind so much, that he sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to earth on a special mission. Jesus lived a perfect life without sin. Despite being perfect and innocent, Jesus was crucified on a cross that fulfilled the prophecy recorded hundreds of years earlier in the Old Testament. Jesus displayed his full deity and authority by rising from the dead after three days as recorded in the Gospels and multiple other historical records of eye witnesses. Jesus lived the perfect life that was impossible for us. Jesus paid the penalty in full for all of our sins.


This gift of the gospel must be received and not rejected. The response God requires from us is to acknowledge our sin, repent, and believe in Jesus Christ. We must turn from our sin, and turn to God in faith with the understanding that we will follow him for the rest of our life. We cannot pay the price for our sin by being a good person, joining a church, or doing good deeds. Jesus is the only path to a restored relationship with God and forgiveness of sin.